Embarking on the path to entrepreneurship wasn’t a decision taken lightly. A journey that started about 18 months ago, fueled by 25 years in HR leadership, and a solid dose of fear.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room and nobody’s favorite “F” word – Failure. It held me captive ever since I began my career. Like many, I found solace in the reliability of a consistent paycheck and the comforting embrace of corporate stability. The prospect of entrepreneurship? Well, that was uncharted territory, far from my comfort zone. The closest I ventured into the realm of true entrepreneurship was during my tenure as the Chief People Officer at an early-stage startup. While the experience was undeniably exhilarating, and the potential for impact immense, there was still the reassuring comfort of a regular paycheck, and a solid health and dental benefits plan waiting for me at the end of each month

Selling myself? Cold calls? Pipeline management? Qualifying leads? No, thanks! The idea of venturing into the unknown, responsible for my own success or failure, was daunting. Terrifying!  Propelled by some challenging family circumstances, it felt like the universe was practically yelling, “Now’s the time for a leap of faith!” And so I took the leap…..

Embracing the Journey

Starting my own HR consulting and advisory practice was undoubtedly a leap of faith, a plunge into uncertainty. But it was also my declaration of independence – an opportunity to write my own rules – and determine the market value of my work.

Success isn’t a finish line; it’s a journey. I’ve learned to celebrate wins, grow from losses, and relish in the process. The grind shapes you into the entrepreneur that you have always wanted to be.